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This video shows VMIS regenerative procedure on a 10mm maxillary molar pocket.
VMIS — Video Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery

MicroSight creates visualization using a lingual access incision of only 3-5mm with no buccal fap. The VMIS approach keeps the papilla area intact which preserves esthetically sensitive gingival contours. MicroSight’s adjustable retractor tip holds open the small fap, and the clinician utilizes the live feed monitor to easily identify and remove granulation tissue and micro deposits of plaque and calculus that may reduce clinical success if left behind.

This video shows surgical treatment for apical leakage

MicroSight’s 5-10 mm focal point and direct illumination allow the clinician to view surgical and non-surgical endodontic procedures on a live feed monitor. Neither the patient nor microscope need adjustment as minor movement of the operator’s hand quickly and easily allows different views of the treatment site.

Customer Videos
Videoscope Minimally Invasive Peri Implant Treatment — Wilson TechniqueDr. Thomas G. Wilson Jr.
Videoscope Osseous Surgery
Dr. John Tunnell

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